Welcome To Fred’s Playland

Fred’s Playland is a San Diego Based Social Activity Group. Our sole purpose is to get people out of the house, bring them together, and have some fun. Our goal also is to prove and demonstrate that even though we live in paradise, everything does not have to be expensive. We are a not for profit group and there is never an up charge. That means you get the best value San Diego can offer. If you sit at home often wondering what to do because life is passing you by. There’s a whole new world out there just waiting for you and many new friends waiting to meet you. We’re here for you all you have to do is click, sign up, and wait for the fun to begin.

It’s free to join!

But you’ve got an even harder part to do. You’ve got to get up, walk to the door, turn the knob and actually walk outside. I’ll handle the rest.

Do you find yourself sitting lonely because your friends are boring and never do anything. Well I promise, If you hang out with us for just a few events you will create a group of brand new friends who don’t mind having a little fun. I believe there are two types of people; People who live life and people who just watch it through the window. When you are ready to explore life from the other side of that window, Fred’s Playland is here for you. We’re your new friends and we’ve been waiting for you.

So come join the fun!