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Fred’s Playland is a totally not for profit group and we have over 2000 members. If you have an event or activity you would like to post, there are a couple of ways to make that happen. The main thing I ask is that you present something to my members. Here are your options: 1) If you donate tickets, merchandise, admissions or similar, I can post your event and possibly send out a blast to all our members. 2) If you give us a group discount or a group price, I can post your event and possible send out a blast to all our members. 3) If you make a monetary donation towards helping us with an event or activity, I can post your event.

Due to the high volume of requests I receive to have events posted these are the guidelines I have set fourth. I realize many of you have club, group, church and social activities you need promoted but if I post one then I have to post them all. This is a way to get your word out there and also benefit all my members. When I was rich it was easy:) Now that I have joined the ranks of the working poor Fred’s Playland is wholly supported by the offers of the merchants and venues we patronize and donations by the same and you! All posts and donations are at my discretion and I have sole control of the website’s content. Although I wish I could post all of your events it would cause the site to become a politically cluttered mess. There are social media sites for that. Fred’s Playland will always remain classy… at least to a certain extent;) The fact that I won’t post your event simply out of friendship doesn’t mean I don’t love you. It’s not personal. You are still special! Feel free to contact me anytime with your events. I’ll either say “Yes” or “Hell No”! with all the love I can fake… I mean conjure up;) The main goal is that this site remain fun for everyone. See you all soon. Sincerely, Fred M Long aka (Fred’s Playland)