More details coming but feel free to RSVPNovember 2nd, 3rd, & 4th, 2018

It’s been 3 years since our last visit
If you missed it before, here’s your chance.
This will definitely a GRAND TOUR

Here’s how it goes:

We will depart from San Diego early on Friday morning Nov. 2nd. Transportation will be provided by Highline Charter Co. We will make food and rest stops along the way and there will be plenty of snacks & drinks on the bus. There will also be a special movie presentation to kick off the holiday season. We will arrive in Williams AZ in time to get checked into “Holiday Inn Express & Suites” and have a wonderful dinner on the famous Route 66″.

Saturday morning we will Have breakfast and spend the day at the incredible Grand Canyon. Most of us will take the 1 hour bus ride to the rim of the Grand Canyon but there will be an option to ride the historic Grand Canyon Railroad. ride is a little longer but It’s a treat and well worth it. The train features observation cars to give you the best view possible and they also have food and drink aboard. It’s like taking a step into the past. Train riders will be met at the Grand Canyon and return on the bus to party with the rest of us.

Sunday morning we will be on the road back to San Diego. There will be an onboard champagne party to complete a fantastic weekend.

There are many more fun surprises in store for you on the trip and here’s the best part. You will pay only $140 per person for this trip plus the cost of hotel at $75.00 per night for two nights. It’s a total easy payment plan. All you need to reserve your seat is $140 per person. Your hotel payment not due until November. What could be easier? This gives you plenty of time to plan and adjust your schedules. You can start booking now.

Payment instructions
Reservations will be confirmed via e-mail

Check your schedules and get your reservations in soon. You know what will happen if you don’t. You’ll be sitting at home in November looking at photos of everyone else having fun. That would just be sad.

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