The Dr Phil Show on Wednesday Nov. 13th

Very important!!!

Thank you all for joining me on this trip. It is very important that everyone show up on time. The studio is relying on us. If something has come up and you can not make it I need to know as soon as possible.  Please contact me by e-mail or call me at: 619-844-4443 if this should happen.

The Date is Wednesday Nov. 13th

Departure time is 5:30am sharp! and will return to San Diego around 6:00pm. I will be making a pick up stop at the LaCosta park & Ride (La Costa Ave & I-5). Please let me know if you will be getting on there. We should arrive around 6:00am.

The San Diego Group will depart from

First United Methodist Church in Mission Valley
2111 Camino Del Rio So, San Diego
at 5:30 am and return about 6:00pm.
Bottom parking lot only

Please be a few minutes early if you can. There will be morning traffic. If everyone is on board we may depart a few minutes early. But no later than 5:30. If you arrive at 5:31 we will be gone😥

There will be some goodies on the bus but it’s advisable to bring a snack to get you started. It’s possible they may keep us over for a second taping. If so it could be as late as 2:00 before we see real food.

Wine tasting at the San Antonio Winery will be $5.00 per person. Usually if you buy a couple of bottles they don’t charge you for the tasting. But that’s at their discretion. It will no be necessary to leave a gratuity for lunch because I’m paying that for the whole group. But if you’d like to leave something anyway, feel free. Or you may just want to use it to tip our driver;) Tipping the driver is one of our customs. It’s not mandatory but 3 to 5 dollars per person is customary.

Please print out these instructions so you can reference them on trip day. If you have any problems getting there on trip day,

please give me a call 619-844-4443.

Dress Code:

The Dr. Phil Show is a very intimate setting and everyone may be seen on camera. We ask that you arrive “camera ready”. Please dress in dark solid color business attire. We ask that you avoid busy patterns as well as white or beige clothing as it does not show up well on camera
Please do not wear jeans or hats.
Food, drink, or chewing gum will NOT be allowed inside the studio.
Please note that the studio is very cold and you should dress warmly!

Minimum age for admission is 16 years of age. Please be advised that each member of the group will be going through a security check and metal detector. Paramount Studios does not permit any electronics onto the lot. This includes cell phones, pagers, palm pilots, weapons, cameras and all items of that nature. Please leave these items in the car. We also ask that you do not bring in any books, magazines or paper products.

Also, The bus and studio can get quite cold. It’s a good idea to bring a sweater, blanket, and/or jacket.

I’ll see you all on Monday Sep. 23rd



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